Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reflection on Speed dating

Overall, I am loving all the helpful links. I'm going to have to look at them more in-depth later, because we only had time to look over them really quickly.  The "Online Resources" page seemed to have the most helpful things, as a lot of the other pages (especially the storytelling page) seemed to concentrate more on younger learners.  I thought that the Kathy Schrock page had a lot of especially helpful links, as did the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence--I'm always looking for new lesson plans and ways to teach things, and both of these sources are new to me and seem very full of stuff.  I'm not sure how I would use it, but I was intrigued by the "Instructables" website, as well.  I am interested in checking out "VoiceThread"---I tried to do a video project a couple years ago in the same style as Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but it didn't sound very good.  This might be a new cool way to do that.  Also, we do a lot of art and architecture reflection in class, and I would be interested in exploring this for that.  Someday, when we get lots of open, available computer labs in the school that aren't used every day for classes (HA!) I would like to use a LinoIt or survey type tool, and while it might be useful once in a while for students to use at home, I still have students who do not have access to a computer, so this isn't possible to make an assignment unless I give them time in class to do it.

I wasn't really a fan of the Poll Everywhere...I'm all about technology, but once I open the door and let students use their cell phones for something in class, I don't see a way to go back.  Plus, it didn't work with my phone.  :(

Thanks for the links and resources, Lisa!  Really cool stuff!!


  1. I agree with your statement about the cell phones and polls. I understand students will always have them out, but once they are in the room they need to give you their attention. I may use it a couple times as a reward or may a review for a test, but I would not frequently use this in my classroom (aka gymnasium haha)

  2. It's not an official project, but my 2nd grade daughter and her friend are making an Instructable this week: we're camping together on Thursday. Willa and Will are writing out the directions for making banana boats over an open fire. We'll document the process (with video explanations) and then post it on Instructables. They're both excited to share the link with their teacher.